Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Glass Fish Bowl Vases Aquarium Fish Tank from Bali Indonesia

Factory direct glass fish bowls. Buy from factory in Bali Indonesia. Skill traditional craftsmen who make these small fish tanks with drift wood pedestal. Available in various sizes. The glass vases and aquarium made of recycled glass from around Bali and beyond. Help to reduce waste. This is ecofriendly products, recycled waste to make beautiful glass bowls to use as fish aquarium. Buy recycled glass fish bowls from Bali Indonesia.

To order these glass bowls visit link above or contact us by email or Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022

Craftsman working with recycled glass plates homeware

Balinese recycled glass bowls craftsman blowing hot glass

Balinese glass fish bowls craftsmen working with hot furnace

Recycled Glass Craftsman Working with Semi Finished Glass Bowls

Cutting Recycled Glass Bowls For Fish Tanks

Recycled Glass Craftsmen Putting the Fish Glass Tanks on Driftwood

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