Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Glass Fish Bowl Vases Aquarium Fish Tank from Bali Indonesia

Factory direct glass fish bowls. Buy from factory in Bali Indonesia. Skill traditional craftsmen who make these small fish tanks with drift wood pedestal. Available in various sizes. The glass vases and aquarium made of recycled glass from around Bali and beyond. Help to reduce waste. This is ecofriendly products, recycled waste to make beautiful glass bowls to use as fish aquarium. Buy recycled glass fish bowls from Bali Indonesia.

To order these glass bowls visit link above or contact us by email or Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022

Craftsman working with recycled glass plates homeware

Balinese recycled glass bowls craftsman blowing hot glass

Balinese glass fish bowls craftsmen working with hot furnace

Recycled Glass Craftsman Working with Semi Finished Glass Bowls

Cutting Recycled Glass Bowls For Fish Tanks

Recycled Glass Craftsmen Putting the Fish Glass Tanks on Driftwood

See more photos of the glass bowls :

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sea Shell Boxes from Bali Indonesia

Sea shell boxes from Bali Indonesia. Various boxes made of sea shell in various sizes, small to large. This is very popular. Small shell boxes to use as jewellery boxes or trinket. These clam shell boxes is one of our best seller. Good product to sell in your stores or shops. Our shell boxes is perfect to use as wedding souvenirs or gifts for your friends and families.

Photo above show you our shell boxes made of various kind of sea shells including mother of pearl shell both gold lip and black lip. Other than that, you can see also small shell box made of blue shell. We can make also this kind of box from clam or Scallop shells. These boxes also possible to hold your wedding rings, as a Coin Purse also possible.
Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia
Sea Shell Trinket Boxes from Bali Indonesia
Please remember that due to product nature, color variations might occur, the sea shells boxes might have a different color from stock photo. All of our shell crafts are made to order. We recommend you to place the order in at least four weeks advance.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Eagle Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia

Eagle carvings by Balinese craftsmen. Made of a locally grown hard wood known as suar wood. Beautiful craftsmanship. These eagle wood carvings comes in various sizes and style. These are only few of what we have available for you. Please browse our web site for more carved wood eagle.

Eagle Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia
Eagle Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia

We have wide range of wood carvings made by Balinese craftsmen. Including the eagle carvings. These eagle carvings available in different styles. You can view other eagle carvings on our web site mention above. Due to the fragile shape of the eagle wings, we only recommend buying our eagle carvings in wooden crates. This is very important to protect the wings from damage during transit from our warehouse to your shop or store.

wooden eagle from Bali Indonesia
wooden eagle from Bali Indonesia
This is wooden eagle which is simple in style and less fragile than the wooden eagle above. As usual the eagle carvings above available in various sizes. Range from as small as 25cm to as big as 100cm. Please advice what size you like when ordering our eagle carvings from Bali.

Bali Wood Carvings Eagle
Small and cheap wooden eagle carvings from Bali Indonesia. This is very popular and one of our best seller. This wooden eagle is small, only 25cm in high. Very cheap and easy to pack. All time best seller. Recommended for you to buy. Don't forget to include this item in your order for our wooden carvings. To Order our wooden eagle carvings from Bali, please contact us or Cel/WhatsApp: +628179731022

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Coconut Shell Bags from Bali Indonesia

Coco Shell Bags Bali Indonesia. Handbags made of pair of coconut shells. Very unique and popular. Cheap price good quality. Direct from craftsmen in Bali Indonesia. We have many motifs available for you. Choose which model of coco shell bags below which you like or place order for all coco bags. You're welcome to ask us for custom made coconut shell bags. We can make these coconut shell bags with cowrie shells, wooden beads or other natural materials.

We're wholesale company and only do business in bulk quantity. Please contact us for further information regarding our coconut shell bags. We can offer you good price if you buy in large quantity. We can also do namedropping for you. Simply provide us with your artwork, we will make it for you.

If you interested in ordering these coco bags, please email us or contact us via WhatsApp: +628179731022 or visit our facebook page

Coco Shell Bags Bali Indonesia
  Coconut Shell Bags from Bali Indonesia

Coco Shell Bag with Cowrie Shells. Made in Indonesia
Coco Shell Bag with Cowrie Shells. Made in Indonesia

Coco Shell Bags with Airbrush Painting. Made in Bali Indonesia.
Coco Shell Bags with Airbrush Painting. Made in Bali Indonesia.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dreamcatchers from Bali Indonesia

Dreamcatchers wholesale for export. Handmade in Bali by traditional craftsmen, mostly women. Your order for these Native American Indian crafts help us to support local craftsmen and their family. We have wide range of dream catchers. These are only few of our collection. Please email us if you need more pictures of dreamcatchers or other American Indian handicrafts.

We're wholesale only. Buying from us means you're buying direct from the source. Enjoy good quality and reasonable price. We are able to arrange shipping for you also. Please contact us for further details

Other than dreamcatchers, we have also hoop drums. You could find below our catalog of hand drums with painted motif of traditional Native American Indian. Available in various sizes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Native American Indian Crafts Wood Carvings

Native American Indian Totem Wood Carvings

 Wood carvings from Bali with Native American Indian styles. Find here our collection of American Indian Man wood carvings usually found in front of cigar shops. Life size Indian Man holding cigars wood carvings. Also found here Native American Indian totem carvings from Bali in various sizes.

Please browse our catalog and contact us for further details.

Totem Wood Carvings from Bali