Saturday, December 19, 2020

Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia Balinese Wood Crafts Parasite Wood Carvings

 Wood carvings from Bali Indonesia. Handcarved wooden animals. Direct from craftsmen and women in Bali Indonesia. Made of parasite wood. Unique and rare, one of a kind. Totally handmade. Wholesale price and factory direct. Bulk quantity pricing.

These are handmade using very simple tools. Handcarved using parasite wood. Available in abundance. No need to cut any tree. These wood are parasitic, easily removeable from the host tree without harm. We employ Balinese village men and women during the production. Thank you for your support.

Below you will find our list of parasite wood carvings from Bali Indonesia

  • Whale wood carvings
  • Dolphin wood carvings
  • Turtle wood carvings
  • Fish wood carvings
  • Owl wood carvings
  • Eagle head wood carvings
  • Rabbit wood carvings
  • Horse head wood carvings
  • Snake wood carvings
  • Colibri bird wood carvings
  • Animal wood carvings
  • Reptile wood carvings
  • Balinese wood carvings

If you are interested in buying our wood carvings in bulk quantity, please contact us. Our email address available on each photo. You are also welcome to visit our Facebook Page CV Maya Bali

The best way and also fastest way to reach us is using WhatsApp. See photo for our whatsapp number.

To view more wood carvings from Bali Indonesia, please visit our web site

Whale wood carvings from Bali

Dolphin Wood carvings from Bali

Turtle Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia

Shark Wood Carvings

Seal Wood Carvings from Bali Indonesia

Owl wood carvings from Bali

Eagle head wood carvings

Monday, March 23, 2020

Airbrush Wooden Souvenir Surfing Board from Indonesia

Wooden surfboards made in Indonesia. Handmade by skill craftsmen. Handpainted using airbrush. Various sizes and motifs.

Below you will find photos of wooden airbrush factory. We produce wide range of wooden surfing boards in various sizes. We ship worldwide. We always looking for business partner from around the world to distribute our products. Inquiry is welcome. Please contact us by email. See photo for our email address.

For more pictures of wooden airbrush souvenirs, please visit our web site. Here's link to our wooden surfboard web pages:
  1. Wood Surfboards
  2. Surfboard Chairs
  3. Airbrush Surfboards
  4. Surfboard Chairs

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Loading Water Hyacinth Chairs

Home furniture made of wooden frame combined with waterhyacinth. Very popular. Natural look and eco-friendly. Waterhyacinth are available in abandon quantity everywhere in Indonesia. The wood also comes from plantation or non rain forest source. Wide range of furniture including dining chairs, arm chairs and table. But the most popular is the dining chairs. Very good seller. Always in demand for years. Suitable for home, hotel, restaurant, hospital, office etc. Please find below pictures of our waterhyacinth furniture, mostly dining chairs.

If you are interested in seeing more waterhyacinth furniture, please visit our web site.