Thursday, September 7, 2017

Furniture Home Decors Handicrafts Catalog on Facebook

Furniture and home decors made in Indonesia by CV MAYA, also available on our facebook page. Please browse our facebook catalog to view some of our products. We post photos of palm pots, boat wood furniture, boat wood clothe hangers, teak wood bowls and oil drum barrels furniture together with photos of wooden handicrafts including carved wood mushroom made of parasite wood, handcarved by Balinese craftsmen. Also available on our sister site various furniture especially the boat wood furniture from Indonesia.

Oil Drum Furniture from Indonesia

Slice Wood Furniture from Indonesia
Slice Wood Furniture from Indonesia
Other than big items such as furniture, we also have small handicrafts made of wood or other materials such as rattan or wicker. See also our carved wood mushroom made of parasite wood by skill craftsmen of Balinese. Please contact us by email or whatsapp, details look at the photos.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recycled Oil Barrel Furniture Indonesia

Re purposed oil barrel furniture made in Indonesia. We have complete line including chairs, stools, tables, and lamps. We have even wall mirror frame. See also our rustic alphabet letters made of discarded industrial barrels which include barrels from petrochemicals industry.

Re purposed oil barrel furniture made in Indonesia
Bar Stool Chairs and Table with Glass top made of reuse oil barrels
More from our oil drum furniture catalog, please view our shopping site and take a look at our wide collection of rusty metal home decors.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Teak Wood Mushroom from Indonesia

Teak wood garden decoration made in Indonesia. Please contact us if you interested, our email and phone available on the photo below.

Teak Wood Mushrooms Garden Decors from Indonesia

Friday, February 24, 2017

Recycled Tire Furniture from Indonesia

Handmade recycled rubber tire furniture, various furniture including chairs, table and other furniture. Our tire furniture made of discarded tire. Good quality and very durable. Contact us if you interested in importing this tire furniture direct from Indonesia. Our tire furniture mostly shipped in its original color black, but can also add colorful paintings to our furniture.

Every year millions of car tire discarded, we turn waste to durable and beautiful furniture.

Contact us now, send us email, click here or send us email directly to our Gmail account, see our email address on the picture below.

Reuse tire furniture craftsman working with car tires. We use very simple tools to make these durable furniture set.

Recycled car tire table.

Living room furniture made of reuse car tires.

Colorful car tires waste bins

Recycled car tire furniture

Recycled car tire lounger

Recycled car tire furniture factory in Indonesia