Bamboo Furniture Bali

Bamboo furniture from Bali Indonesia. All kind of bamboo furniture handmade in Bali by Balinese bamboo furniture craftsman who been producing bamboo furniture for generations. If you been to Bali Island, you have seen these beautiful balinese bamboo furniture in many hotels, villas and home stays everywhere in Bali. Bamboo furniture is strong, beautiful and it's environment friendly. Give a tropical look to your home, garden, living room or bed with these bamboo furniture. If you're store owner or landscaping project manager, we have for you bamboo displays or bamboo gazebos with alang-alang thatching.

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Bamboo furniture from Bali
  1. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Living Room Furniture
  2. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Beds
  3. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Huts
  4. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Tiki Bars
  5. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Gazebo from Bali
  6. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Cabinet Armoire Wardrobe
  7. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Dresser and Drawers
  8. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Vanity Desk Mirror
  9. Bali Bamboo Furniture - Bamboo Painting Frames
Visit our Bamboo furniture factory in Bali. Please visit our balinese bamboo furniture factory in Bali. We'll be happy to show you our collection of bamboo furniture and our production process. You will see the production of our bamboo furniture which is bamboo beds, chairs and table sets, garden dining table set with umbrella and many wardrobes. Production of bamboo furniture process from bamboo poles to treated bamboo poles using kiln dried and anti termite or white ant protection. You will see also knock down bamboo beds being assembled.
Bamboo Furniture Factory in Bali
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